from the creators of Ghost in the Shell : Appleseed Alpha 

Watching this now OMG is the cgi slick!

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Ghost in the Shell by Kilian Eng / Tumblr

24” X 36” screen print, numbered edition of 325. Available first from the Mondo's booth, #835, at SDCC 2014. For more updates on releases follow them on twitter HERE.

I want to download Killian Eng’s brain, 3D print it, and then EAT IT.



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ffo art  |  tumblr  |  Society6

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Hiro Protagonist: Snow Crash by IzzyMedrano

I’m pretty sure I didn’t actually get everything the author was meaning to say in this book, but this is easily one of the most badass depictions of a badass character I’ve ever seen.

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"Gipsy Danger is ready and aligned, sir."

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大名古屋自転車風俗展示会 2014 Summer
All Nagoya Bicycle Exhibition 2014 Summer

Title:Mobile Bicycle Café “CharRie’s Café” Rie Sawada

Facebook Page

CharRie’s Café

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still one of the best! J-Pop master jam.