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Basil & I on today’s walk

Found an old bridge and road yesterday. Nice to see new stuff in austin.

Fifteen - Rainbow connection (by Don’t cry wolf)

Debbie Harry & Kermit the Frog - The Rainbow Connection (by BobbyBenson85)

on this thanksgiving I would like for you all to just refelct on this tale. A tale of our future present past.

let us all be forever thankful…

for what we are about to receive. 


Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Intro Story (by MetalJack3t94)



I just saw this ad playing before a youtube video and I had to stop and watch the whole thing. Incredible.

Watch this. Now

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Labor Day Vegan Nacho Fest

Resistance is Fertile

U-lock justice is: when you don’t look and nearly hit me with your car; a new big dent in your roof at the next light

After spending the day with my friend Cindy and her lovely dogs, I find myself missing my little guy cash.

Vegan chili cheese dogs - yo

Thank you for all the birthday love, friends and family. 1st birthday that didn’t start with a call from Mom. Dad you filled in well. Another day at the office for me. But I will sneak a CB and some Vivo in this evening.

Happiness is:
Brainoil on blast! #AUPeakLimiter #mulitbandcompressor #excitifier #kaosradio #againstthegrain