going to see Vol.2:  Thursday, October 30th at 5:00pm on the big screen! will be a Q&A after with: the creative team (Monty Oum, Miles Luna and Kerry Shawcross) and voice cast (Lindsay Jones, Barbara Dunkelman, Arryn Zech and Kara Eberle).

I win!

Sometimes it is not that I wake up early, it’s just that I’d rather drink coffee than sleep.

Found an old bridge and road yesterday. Nice to see new stuff in austin.

Fifteen - Rainbow connection (by Don’t cry wolf)

Debbie Harry & Kermit the Frog - The Rainbow Connection (by BobbyBenson85)

on this thanksgiving I would like for you all to just refelct on this tale. A tale of our future present past.

let us all be forever thankful…

for what we are about to receive. 


Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children Intro Story (by MetalJack3t94)



I just saw this ad playing before a youtube video and I had to stop and watch the whole thing. Incredible.

Watch this. Now

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Labor Day Vegan Nacho Fest

U-lock justice is: when you don’t look and nearly hit me with your car; a new big dent in your roof at the next light

After spending the day with my friend Cindy and her lovely dogs, I find myself missing my little guy cash.

These photos portray an ‘american west’ so vast in beauty and natural resources, one can see just where the gluttony, that caused the Genocide, started.  Of course these photos were taken well after the genocide had begun, yet the full destruction white man brought had not quite set in yet.