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Fifteen - Rainbow connection (by Don’t cry wolf)


NAUSEA - cybergod 
Awesome video of the best Nausea song

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To ALL attending Fun Fun Fun fest this weekend. I’d like to remind you what you are supporting: On Sep.26,1981 Austin’s Big Boys fronted by Randy (biscuit) Turner played a little festival in Waterloo Park called Punk Picnic in the Park. http://www.soundonsound.org/Images/flyers_zines_etc/bb101.gif Biscuit Turner passed away on August 18, 2005. He was Austin. He was Punk.
Transmission has held an event since 2006, they even used the nostalgia of Waterloo Park to jump start this event. They claim this event is a showcase of Austin’s unique culture. Yet nowhere at this event, or in the hype and advertising do they mention one of Austin’s most important figures in Punk. Randy Biscuit Turner. Transmission “could” put up a small shrine, they “could” put up a small tent and feature some of his artwork. But they DON’T. The name “Fun Fun Fun” comes from a 12” EP released in 1982 by the Big Boys released by Moment Productions. Transmission Entertainment should do better to honor one of Austin’s most nobel, but they don’t.

U-lock justice is: when you don’t look and nearly hit me with your car; a new big dent in your roof at the next light

All hardcore compilations on today’s show, listen in:

Vegan chili cheese dogs - yo

tonight: playing some of MY favorite records so; it sucks to be you!

EDIT: you missed it! live, so here is the archive: